Dr Julie Reed Henderson is an Australian conceptual and multi-media artist working across art and science disciplines. She is currently a researcher and program coordinator of the Bachelor of Visual Art at Federation University Australia’s Art Academy in Gippsland and Ballarat.

Reed Henderson’s expanded art practice is firstly concerned with the influence of time, and attention on relationships with others. Her performance, moving image and installation works are informed by initial training and experience as a contemporary classical dancer. Often featuring sound, music, and language components, the work considers the influences of everyday perceptions and sensory and social encounters.

Reed Henderson’s related research focus on art as work, (and an “ecology of practice”) involves collaborations with skilled makers from other fields. Situated both within and beyond art and institutional contexts it activates relationships mobilised under the conditions of creative co-production and artistic purpose. Surprising conjunctions are galvanised in bringing together the skills of everyday workers and artistic context such that the pragmatic and incidental can become agents of pivotal renewal and consequence.

Reed Henderson received her doctorate in practice-led research in Dec 2011. She was studio head of sculpture and installation and a lecturer in honours and postgraduate studies at the University of South Australia in 2012-2015. In 2015-2018, she wrote and coordinated the Bachelor of Creative Arts Visual Arts Honours for Flinders University.

In 2004-2005 Reed Henderson was the recipient of an Anne & Gordon Samstag Scholarship undertaking a Master of Fine Art in Glasgow School of Art and exhibiting beyond in Europe. She has exhibited locally, nationally and in Sweden, Austria, China, Philippines, and United Kingdom.