Line Drawing

In relation to the gallery architecture, the structures in Line Drawing were of a monumental scale and the skeletal wooden structures and combinations of platforms, seats and stands (although combined and recombined with the immediacy of a three dimensional drawing), were reminiscent of some Post Minimal art. Aside from these elements, two digital video loops Pitch and in girim imus nocte (‘we go around and around in the night)1intimated the moment of living action’s initiation or ignition, involving somatic and mechanical movement trajectories. Yet, these “drawn” elements might also suggest absence; someone/something temporally out of reach, in the past or still becoming. Empty train platforms or lit parking lots are “stage-lit” next to areas of of darkness; a pitch as a presentation of personality or potential to another.

Air conditioner

Air conditioner (2009) is an installation component incorporating a functioning model for a thermo-acoustic refrigerator. This emergent technology will ultimately enable ecologically sustainable air conditioning and refrigeration through channeling the organised passage of particles in a state of excitation from sound waves. The process allows for the exchange of heat for cold air at the top of a stack. In this model the extra highly amplified sound is contained inside the Perspex box for listening comfort. You can feel the cold by touching the aluminum plug at the top of the model. (At maximum efficiency, a decrease of 15 degrees Celsius is created.  Instead of a sine wave, the sound for Air conditioner was composed by Julie Henderson from guitar and voice samples made with musician Peter Harris.

Acknowledgements The model was fabricated by Richard Pateman technical workshop manager Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Adelaide with advice from Associate Professor Anthony Zander. 

  1. After the film title by Situationist International Guy Debord; in girim imus nocte et consumimur igni (1978) (We go round and round in the night and then are consumed by fire.)