Continuous Wave: forms for a dialogue
in There Forever  curated by Linda Marie Walker and Steven Loo involved sociality and shared authorship flavoured by extended conversation. In the ways in which it transgresses boundaries of knowledge and expertise, expanded practice makes a lot of sense. It’s not so easy, but it can be breathtakingly unexpected. The Port River Dock One is flooded as in its distant past, by water, albeit this time it’s bottled water accumulated by the local ham radio club in order to extend its stay. Gentrification authorities instructed them to move on by cutting off water to their clubhouse. This is part of their resistance, like the water. We make a performance together, two videos and a sound installation. The work of art with makers of other kinds –a conversation then and there. Of the four works that emerged, continuous wave: shack was a found installation with radio accountrements and recorded sound. It was accompanied by synchronised lighting of the radio club member’s conversation. shed is a video document focused on a neighbouring houseboat builder and his story. continuous wave: dock activates the crucial expertise of Morse code or continuous wave communication and the rub with poetry. He chooses “the moving finger writes and having writ . . .” from the Rubiyat of Omar Kayyam. He sounded the keys following the lines viewed beyond the topography of his arm and guided the video camera for best angles. By the way, he affirms, a silent key refers to a person who has passed away.
continuous wave: swamp was a performance in which the club secretary initiated his own participation, performing with me.  Some eighty radio club water bottles were carried onto the dock lit by generator light beside the Port River. We walked with spoken QR code; the shared language of world senders. They tell me that the internet is one thing, but only through ham radio can you tell a pirate by the sound of his voice.