Lo-res Life, 2023

Lo-res assemblage and montage works foreground ecological interrelatedness or immanence and the “state of things” in our world. It is virtual and actual as suggested in these intimate scale material properties and relationships. The work is performative and activates a visual and tactile language just outside of coherence. It has the potential for unexpected intersections and readings emerging by accrual. At its core, is the wonder at the resilience of the processes of liveliness and adaptation. Implicitly one might also consider the small-scale dynamics in the works’ composition as having allusions to exponentially bigger contexts. In this way the small local elements and synergies at play offer a suggestion of their influence on the macro-ecologies and large-scale relations in a world at a significant point of political, social, and bio/ecological emergency

(geo/bio/eco/socio) lo-res stammer and wend, 2023,
pinned assemblage on felt,
scourers, pins, rock, leather, earbuds, silicon, cotton thread, cotton mesh, plastic, paper on felt, in acrylic vitrine, 80cm x 65cm x 10cm

(geo/bio/eco/socio) lo-res stammer and wend, 2023, pinned assemblage on felt, inside acrylic vitrine

Bit Pass, 2023, inkjet photographic print, 84.1cm x 118.9cm, (Edition of 6)

a guess, a truth, 2023, inkjet photographic print, 88cm x 94cm, (Edition of 6)

Heady Mix, 2023, (framed) inkjet photomontage, 84.1cm x 59.4cm

Ghost of Touch, 2023, inkjet photographic print, 84.1cm x 118.9cm, (Edition of 6)

Buffer, 2022

All things/objects have meanings and associations embedded in them and they have material qualities: shininess, colour, mass that amplify those meanings and shape our interactions with them. Involving material qualities and turns of phrase, these works take ordinary things, images, and words into new associations through montage which is an ideal process for social parody. Composed of everyday objects; buffers or polishing pads that usually spin on surface veneers to make them shine, the works might suggest questions of personal power or power relations and the challenges of finding and inspired way to work collectively. Too often we may feel vacated, stripped bare or empty by systems and their processes that result in public prosaicism, cliché, personality veneer and disappearance. The work invites the possibility that we might reward creativity in difference such that they might also comprise part of a socially exceptional community.

Buffer: into the breach, 2022, mixed media assemblage in the shape as a pocket

Buffer: into the Breach, 2022, (detail) triptych, mixed media assemblage, 40cm diameter

Buffer: if you trust them, 2022 (detail)

Buffer: Proving Difficult, 2022, (detail)

The Importance of Going On and On and Around and Around, 2019, lamp stand and mincer

Softening the Ground (fade out stunt), 2 ways, 2019, mixed media assemblage and pyrography text

Unspeakable Loss, 2021, BW Digital Print

Looking Back, 2019, BW Digital Print

Barnstorming as truth barometer, 2019, digital print, 210mm x 297mm

Slow Falling Surface, 2019, mixed media drawing pinned on board,120 x 180cm