slight surprise of action, 2010-2011, Light Square Gallery Adelaide

In the slight surprise of action material qualities affect everyday activity causing the unexpected emergence of processes-involving biology, chemistry, physics.

In action stations shim sham-refers more to leisure activity-to a dance-the games of body improvement, dysfunctional platforms in a field or complex of works.

one unexpected instance reveals the slip of materials activated on a surface changing the quality of the context below and the paradoxical action of a impossible catapult.

hic et nunc (here and now) are sensory self-navigating and socially interacting platforms constructed in collaboration with mechatronics engineers.

hic et nunc -mechatronic self-navigating “socialising” platforms

Borges’s garden-kinetics and pigments, wax on turntable, assemblage
dust: stick becomes her-video screens
your warm embrace: making light fast from thin air assembage
action stations: shim sham assembage
ne unexpected instance drawing and assemblage
Critical Mass: (everything I ) video projection
the lake lightbox and writing
hic et nunc (here and now) and then,
mechatronic platforms that interact and redirect

image speaking around the lake

Teri Hoskin- action stations -wall long exhibition writing for the slight surprise of action

Jemima Kemp review